• Solus 6 IP65 a success for DELETE

    Published 4 Sep 2015

    Solus6 IP65 - Success in special cleaning process at Paper mill

    During spring 2015 DELETE Service AB bought several of our new LED-Series Solus 6 IP65 for a project cleaning evaporation channels in one of the largest paper mills in Sweden. The SELV voltage, crisp colour temperature, our rugged design, the...


  • Värmländsk sommar

    Published 29 Jun 2015

    Summer greetings from Värmland, Sweden!

    Our region of Sweden is called Värmland an area with many lakes and big forests. If you want to enjoy the landscape and environment then the best time to visit Värmland is during summer. Summer is also a time were we...


  • nya Lumius-DIM och Lumius-IP65

    Published 26 Jun 2015

    Introduction of Lumius-DIM & Lumius-IP65

    The Lumius series is now being extended with dimmable versions and IP65! Lumius-DIM was created for chart board application in maritime industry were it is important to have a rugged product and to protect the night vision for users. Equipped with...


  • Ny produkt Solus 6

    Published 17 Nov 2014

    New product – Solus6!

    Sunnex are now launching a new product in the Solus serie, SOLUS 6! It is a product for many applications were a robust task light is needed. It was designed for good light performance during demanding conditions. Solus 6 has a...


  • Vi firar 40!

    Published 17 Nov 2014

    We are celebrating 40

    Sunnex is celebrating its 40th business year! Thank you all for supporting us during our first (!) years. It is together with you, our customers and distributors, we will continue develop our business the coming years. In order to give you...