At Sunnex Equipment, we closely monitor developments and media reporting on the spread of the Corona virus (Covid-19). We try to create a picture of how it affects our reality and everyday life and how we can adapt our business accordingly. To you as a customer, supplier or other partner we want to announce that our work, as far as possible, continues as usual. However, we take the risk of infection spread around Covid-19 very seriously and follow the advice and recommendations of the Public Health Authority on an ongoing basis and act accordingly. Among other things, this means that:

- We put the health of our staff and our fellow human beings first.

- We avoid travel domestically or abroad for our employees.

- We avoid large crowds.


Our daily contacts with customers, suppliers and partners can continue in most respects in most respects, but we are cutting back on scheduled physical meetings. Instead, we try to implement these via telephone, Skype or video conferencing. We follow the continued development and of course hope that the spread of infection will come under control as soon as possible and that as few as possible should suffer serious consequences. Should new directives and recommendations come up, we will immediately adapt our procedures so that they can prevent further spread of infection. If you want to know more about our actions regarding the extraordinary situation that prevails, contact us via tel: 054-555160 or