Did you know that... - Challenge!

Did you know that the HS light is the oldest light from Sunnex; Like the famous Golf from VW, the HS was created in the 70´s!

Believe it or not but it was initially covered with rubber! It was nicknamed “The Tulip” by Sunnex people. I wonder why! Anyway, it went through version I, version II etc and it is still going strong today. Now it is available in LED and it is called LS. It is a multipurpose light that gives satisfaction to many people in many different applications.

During our visits to customers we have seen that some of the old versions still are in operation. We have a challenge for your! WHO FINDS THE OLDEST HS PRODUCT STILL IN USE?

Please send a picture with a short story of your specific fixture to info@sunnex.se before 31 May 2016. The best picture and story will win an IPAD min. Sunnex team is unanimous judge in this challenge.