Introduction of Lumius-DIM & Lumius-IP65

The Lumius series is now being extended with dimmable versions and IP65!

Lumius-DIM was created for chart board application in maritime industry were it is important to have a rugged product and to protect the night vision for users. Equipped with a dimmer that dim down almost to zero, always start at lowest intensity and were red lens is an option has been a demand from several of our customers.

Lumius-DIM can of course be used in a variety of other applications where dimming is required. Standard optics on Lumius-DIM is 25°.

Lumius-IP65 is another new product in the Lumius family that increases the possible applications even further, especially in the industrial sector. Standard optics is 10°.

Lumius series is powered by 12-24VDC or as an option a AC/DC adaptor 230/12V IP44. Other options are 10°, 25 and 40° optics or red lens.

Lumius-DIM & IP65 will be available in autumn 2015.

For more information about the Lumius series please click here.

Lumius DIM and IP65