New product – Solus6!

Sunnex are now launching a new product in the Solus serie, SOLUS 6! It is a product for many applications were a robust task light is needed. It was designed for good light performance during demanding conditions.

Solus 6 has a 6W LED light source in its aluminum lamp head. The light output is 300 lm with a color rendering of 92 and a color temperature of 4000 Kelvin. 10° optics is standard.

The product is available with different options as 25 or 40° optics, protection class IP20 or IP65 and with 50 or 70cm flexible arms.

Direct connection to 12-24VAC/DC, an AC/DC-adapter is available as an option for power supply directly from the power net. The adapter has protection class IP44.

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