Solus6 IP65 - Success in special cleaning process at Paper mill

During spring 2015 DELETE Service AB bought several of our new LED-Series Solus 6 IP65 for a project cleaning evaporation channels in one of the largest paper mills in Sweden. The SELV voltage, crisp colour temperature, our rugged design, the heavy duty magnetic bases and the ability to attach several luminaries to one transformer outside the work area was a success in their application.

Mr Daniel Andersson, Project leader at DELETE gives his comments on Solus6 IP65: “The luminares worked flawless thru out the project, the magnetic base was perfect and none of the luminaries broke. In a project like this we would have had several destroyed luminaries using our previous type”.

DELETE is the leading sanitation company for heavy industry in Scandinavia. They serve paper mills process industry and refineries all over Scandinavia.

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(The magnetic base is available as an accessory).

Solus 6 IP65 a success for DELETE